This is a message from one Latina to other Latinos. It’s time to make major decisions about whether or not, we as Latinos are going to play a major role in this coming election. We have the power to place into office those politicians who are sensitive to our needs if we vote. Voting is a major responsibility. If we don’t vote then all we can do is blame ourselves for politicians making decisions which are not good for us. If you don’t vote, don’t gripe about what is happening around you. You gave up that right when you did not take the time to vote.

We are the fastest growing minority population and because of this we have the privilege of making an impact on this election. On November 6, 2018, we have the opportunity to take charge of who become the leaders of our country and states. “Are we going to do that? Yes, of course we will!” We all know that the only way we can make change is by voting. Take someone with you to vote – a friend or relative, another nurse. Our voices count only if we get to the voting booths. Know which candidates have shown conviction and commitment to the problems that some Latinos face, such as being uninsured, unemployed, and uneducated. Which candidates are going to help us eliminate the health disparities we encounter? Who are going to help our undocumented immigrants? I say, “Let us, as Latinos, show that we are responsible, concerned citizens by voting and making an impact in this year’s election. Let us rise to the occasion and show our country that WE DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.”